Elena Bonanata

Vocal rhythm

She starts singing for passion but she soon realizes that she wants it to become her job. More: her way of life. She begun with determination her professional singer and teacher training stacking up, in a series, the courses at the CPM School of Music and the EVTs training in Milan. Then, she specialized with Albert Hera at Fondazione Fossano Musica, where she was initiate to the art of CircleSongs.

She attended several stages led, among the others, by Xavier Romero (BAPNE), Roger Treece (CircleSong) and Raffaella Pellegrini (singing psychology and relational teaching) making up a curriculum that, breaking traditional frames, ranges from voice to rhythm, to relationship.
Step by step she makes up her singing career: 10 years of teaching (between Pavia, Piacenza, Milan and the prestigious University of Music – CET founded by Mogol in Umbria) and 15 on music stages along with the musicians that in 2013 made up, together with her, the MEMA: a pop/rock band that arrange original songs putting at the core expressive freedom and love for music

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