Michele Cappelletti

Drum Circle

After graduating from the Milan Conservatory in trumpet under the guidance of Luigi Bascapè, he attended a number of courses that focused on leading methods and approaches for teaching music (Orff-Schulwerk, Music in the Crib, Kodaly, Dalcroze) in Italy with Giovanni Piazza, Ciro Paduano, Marcella Sanna, Paola Anselmi, Alberto Conrado, Paolo Cerlati, Sabine Oetterli, Klara Nemes and abroad with Harri Setala, Doug Goodkin, Sofia-Lopez Ibor, Kofi Gbolonyo, Ari Glage, Kalani Das, and Keith Terry, becoming OSI Certified Orff-Schulwerk expert in Italy.

Furthermore, he is president of the Suono Musica association, organizing courses and seminars within the OSI Nord and High Spirit network, an international summer teaching course in collaboration with Hannelandia (Finland).
He also attended specialization courses of Djembe, Balafon and Danca in Bobo Djoulasso in Burkina Faso with Kassoum Diarrà.
He is a facilitator of Drum Circle Village Music Circles tm.
In addition, he works in various kindergartens and primary schools in the provinces of Como and MonzaBrianza. Moreover, he is a teacher in training courses for teachers of the Primary and Childhood schools on the national territory (FISM Italian Federation of Nursery Schools, MIUR project Musica è scuola (Music is School), Sound Projects, Educarte) and in Finland (Kultanuotti, Hannelandia, Toolon Musiikkikoulu, Jasesoi ry).

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